How to join the BSSR


How to Join the BSSR

Membership is open to Consultants who are Fellows of the Royal College of Radiologists or equivalent qualification, with a substantial interest in musculoskeletal imaging and allied topics. Trainee membership is open to radiology trainees who have an interest in musculoskeletal radiology.

The Aims of the Society are to:

  • To encourage the study and improve the standard of knowledge of imaging of the musculoskeletal and allied systems.

  • To provide advice in the practice and training of musculoskeletal imaging.

  • To arrange scientific meetings on topics of interest in the field of musculoskeletal imaging.


Membership Application

Application for membership should be made by online application

What happens next?

Applications are considered on a rolling basis and membership will be confirmed by the secretariat after approval of applications.

Annual fees are

  • £70 for full members
  • £50 for Associate Members

payable by standing order.

Members who fail to attend a BSSR meeting over a period of two years will be deemed to have resigned from the Society unless there are special circumstances preventing their attendance. 

All applicants must submit:

  • An email address, as all newsletters, minutes etc are sent via email.

  • Two references from members of the BSSR (current colleagues or former trainers). Please note the email address for the referees must match the email address in the BSSR database. Please check with your referees


In addition applicants for full membership must submit. These are not a requirement for trainee (associate) membership and a blank word document may be uploaded to complete the online application process.

  • A concise curriculum vitae (with publications).

  • A clear and detailed job plan, which should include the demonstration of a strong musculoskeletal interest (more than 50% musculoskeletal).

  • Letter from Clinical Lead confirming submitted job plan and that at least 50% of clinical time is spent on musculoskeletal imaging


The BSSR website is designed to help publicise the societies activities and assist in communication between members. The BSSR members area contains

  • Membership database and contact details
  • Society notices
  • Society meetings, agendas and minutes
  • Specialist interest registers
  • Private discussion boards
  • Events calendar
  • Interesting cases section where members post radiology images for review


Frequently Asked Questions

1)      When will my membership application be approved?

Membership applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. If you have not received confirmation within a month please contact the secretary through the website.

2)      How much does membership cost?*

  • £70 per year for full members

  • £50 per year for Trainee (Associate) Members.

A standing order should be set up with your bank in favour of the BSSR to be taken on 1st July every year.

* there is no membership fee payable for members in retirment.


3)      Can I get access to specialist journals at preferential rates?

Yes - As a member you can subscribe for the Journals of Skeletal Radiology and Seminars in Musculoskeletal Radiology at a discounted rate. If you wish to subscribe to either of these journals, please contact the BSSR treasurer through the website


4)      What are the benefits of membership?

  • Members forums: For opinions on difficult cases

  • Access to clinical pathways, imaging protocols, business cases, consent forms, structured reports

  • Access to members-only meeting and preferential course fees for bi-annual major refresher courses


5)      What is the purpose of the BSSR

The BSSR provides support and advice on musculoskeletal imaging to the RCR through Specialist Interest Groups and aims to promote and strengthen musculoskeletal  radiology in the UK.


6)      Can I get involved in the running of the society

Yes absolutely – The council welcomes input and involvement from BSSR members, particularly with respect to helping out with moderating or lecturing on the major bi-annual refresher courses and contributing to the on-going work of the society. Those who wish to get involved are are urged to contact the President. Please make sure you update your profile and include your special interests on the website.

Posts on council come up regularly on a rolling basis and the membership is encouraged to self-nominate for these positions.


7)      Can I join as a registrar?

Yes – the society offers trainee (associate) membership to those with an interest in a career in musculoskeletal imaging.  You can join through the website.